​  Mannish Law #52 Happy wife, happy life

​ Mannish Law #52 Happy wife, happy life

Posted by Mannish Clothiers on Dec 6th 2018

This one seems pretty simple but it's more complicated than it looks. Did you know that science has actually proven this to be a fact? Research shows that men who are in relationships with women who are happy with their relationship and mate live happier lives.

Your wife or girlfriend is usually your number one cheerleader, best friend, most important teammate and your business partner in the business of life, so it's imperative that you do what it takes to keep her happy so you can be happy. You will be hard pressed to find happiness in a relationship with a woman who is unhappy with you, so save yourself the headache and prioritize her happiness.

Yes. The fish are biting and the deer are rutting and the game's about to start, but don't forget to do those few little things she asked you to do before heading out if you want her to be happy when you get back. Be thoughtful, be romantic, listen without interrupting and be helpful around the house. You're making her and yourself happier when it's all said and done.