Man Up, Short Sleeve T-shirt

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  • Our Man Up Logo displays 21 symbols representing many aspects of an outdoor, active lifestyle. Take The Man Up Challenge and complete all 21 activities.
    • Eye: Pay attention to your surroundings
    • Map: Learn how to read one and navigate using it
    • Ear: Listen to your surroundings and safety instructions
    • Buck: Learn how to hunt wildlife and prepare and preserve meat from a hunt
    • Tree: Learn how to live off the land and survive in nature
    • Fish: Learn how to fish and prepare and preserve your catch
    • Pocketknife: Be prepared with the right equipment / tools for the situation
    • Ships Wheel: Learn to row a canoe, sail a boat and swim
    • Directions: Learn how to use a compass and give and take directions
    • Tools: Learn how to bushcraft and make things you need or want
    • Recycle: Preserve the environment by recycling and re-purposing supplies
    • Snow: Learn how to stay warm in cold weather
    • Yin & Yang: Learn to defend yourself armed or unarmed
    • Campfire: Learn how to start and maintain a fire in nature
    • Bike: Learn how to ride in various conditions and terrain
    • Lifter: Train your body to be in the best shape possible
    • Tent: Learn how to pitch a tent and setup a campsite
    • Horse: Learn how to ride one through various terrain
    • Grill: Learn how to cook over an open fire or charcoal
    • Storm: Learn how to stay dry and build or find shelter in a storm
    • Runner: A body in motion stays in motion. Keep moving
  • Tubular construction with Seamless collar that maintains it's shape.
  • Made of 100% ring-spun cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • +1$ for 2X or 3X